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Real-time live online classes that is why we are The Adjuster School of America

Students receive an experience identical to attending in person — Students can ask questions, talk to the instructor during, before and after class, complete the exercises, and take part in the class discussion. The student does not need to make arrangements with your partner and family to be away from home for a week. Students can take the class from anywhere. For convenience, students can choose day classes, Evening classes or weekend classes 


The adjuster school of America is an online school that offers New York 17-79 (general), Georgia (property and casualty), Texas, and Florida (all line) pre-licensing adjuster course and CE through a live real-time interactive class and self-paced, other licensing states that we do not offer live classes- TASOA offers interactive self-paced online causes. TASOA instructors have years of experience in adjusting insurance claims.


The Adjuster School of America provides a 40 hours Pre-licensing Texas and Florida all lines adjuster course.  10 hours of the course material is a self-study and 30 hours of Live online classroom instruction.  Upon completion of the 40 hours course study material, The Adjuster School of America set Exams questions.  The student will take the 1st version first.  If a student does not pass on the 1st try student will be given 2nd version which will consist of 50% questions on 1st version and 50% questions that were not on the 1st version.  If a student still does not pass the second attempt, a student will be given third and final attempt of the exam questions 3rd version, which consists of exams questions on the 1st and the 2nd version.  

Students who have attempted the test 3 times and does not pass will be asked to take the course again at no charge.

On each exam version for licensing in Texas and Florida, students will answer 150 questions and have to obtain 70% to pass.

On the online portion of your course, you will have over 1200 practice quiz questions to test your mastery of the subject matter. The final exams consist of self-study material, live online class instructions, end of chapter assessments and a practice quiz.  our student have a 100% pass rate





















Note: Topics are presented within the context of real-life claim situations.  All other States classes and CE courses are self Paced.

Accessing Your Materials
Upon registration for this course, a student will receive an email within 24 business hours of placing the order with information to live online access instructions directly from The Adjuster School of America and instructions on how to download course material.

Upon accessing the course material, you will be required to complete a 10-hour self-study course material which Student can download on the website before attending the class. 


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Real Time live online classes offered in four States
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