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TASOA Courses; The Road to Adjusting Success

The Adjuster School of America offers Real-time Live online classes for 80 Hours.   New York Independent General Adjuster license exam prep course. License applicants can pass the New York state licensing exam on the first try with our New York Independent General Adjuster Course. The adjuster exam prep course includes Exam Tutor, a powerful study tool that lets students simulate the New York state exam and customize quizzes based on their strengths and weaknesses.  Pre Licensing course including Final Exams practice. Three different Final exam simulation will be administered during the course. If a student does not pass Exam on 1st try can retake the class 3 times at no charge.  Our students have 85% Pass rate on 1st try and 95 % pass rate on 2nd try.  We teach the Exam and the instructor on this class has held the NY license for years and adjusted new York claims for years too.


New York is a non-reciprocal state, and those wishing to be licensed must pass the state adjuster licensing exam. is the nation’s leading provider of online state insurance licensing exam prep courses. With content written by industry experts, we guarantee the best quality exam prep courses at the best price


In the adjuster world, the New York Licensed Independent Adjuster is rare and in high demand. The New York license is the game changer for an Independent or a public adjuster.  It keeps you working throughout the year/s. Getting through the application process might seem a little daunting and holding you back, so let’s break it down and take a closer look…We help all our students with the application process too.


NY State Exam

Before you start the actual application process, you need to pass the NY state exam. The exam fee is $40. The type of claims you work will determine the type of adjuster license you will apply for. There are 8 different types of adjuster licenses – accident & health, motor vehicle no-fault & workers comp health services, casualty, fire, general, inland marine, and public adjuster.

The general adjuster license is the most popular because, well, it pretty much covers everything. With a general adjuster license you can adjust the following types of claims: fire, inland marine, aviation, personal & commercial automobile, motor vehicle no-fault & workers comp health services charges, automobile damage or theft appraisals, casualty (including general liability & crime), and flood.


To Prep or Not To Prep

You don’t want to just jump in and take the exam. But you also don’t want to spend a ton of money on exam prep. This is where you will need to do a little research on pre-courses offered and there is plenty for you to choose from. If you are not sure if you need to go through exam prep courses, you can take a practice test. Practice tests are available online ( Prometric, & Quizlet) the NY exam and you can see if prep courses are needed or a practice test, or two, will be enough.

You Passed! Now What…

Let’s just say you took the exam and you passed. Congrats! Now, it’s time to tackle The NY Adjuster License Application. You will need to:

  1. Submit fees with applications. Licensing fee: $100 for the first year, $50 for the second. Fingerprinting fee: $87

  2. You will need 5 Certificates of Character. This is a section on the application where you will have someone sign that they have known you for at least 5 years and you are a person of good character.

  3. You will need a $1000 bond to cover the licensing period. The cost of this bond for the year typically runs less than $100. You can even get it online from services like It’s a pretty quick process.

  4. The last bit, other than actually writing in your information on the application, is you will need to get fingerprinting done. You have to complete the NY Dept of Financial Services fingerprinting procedure.


Finally Getting The License

You passed the exam, went through all the application hoops, and now finally have a NY Adjuster license. You are an adjuster unicorn and the clouds have parted above you and started raining down champagne. Just don’t forget to renew every 2 years.



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