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The Florida and Texas All-Lines Adjuster’s License is Reciprocal in 30 states!

The residents of Florida and Texas who wants to become an insurance adjuster must satisfy the state requirement of taking the prelicensing course and passing the exam to obtain the Florida and Texas All-Lines Adjuster License.

The non-resident of  Florida and Texas who lives in a state that does not require an adjuster license and wants to become an adjuster that adjust claims in licensing states can choose to designate  Florida or Texas as home state

They also must meet the Texas Department of Insurance licensing requirements or Florida department of financial services devision of Insurance by taking the prelicensing course and passing the exam. Basically,  Non-Residents of Florida or Texas, who live in a state that does not require an Adjusters License, are able to designate Florida or Texas as their “Home State”.  This is WONDERFUL News for the licensees as they will be able to enjoy the “FULL BENEFITS of RECIPROCITY”! 

The following states do not require an adjuster to be licensed to operate in their state: Also known us Non-Licensing state- TASOA highly recommends that the students from this state obtain either Texas or Florida license.



District of Columbia,



New Jersey,

North Dakota

South Dakota









The non-resident of Florida or Texas who resides in a state that requires adjuster licensing, are now required to obtain their home state license first before Florida or Texas will issue them a non-resident license.  Check with the Department of Insurance in your home state to determine the requirements to obtain an adjuster license.  For many states, it’s just successfully passing a state exam.  For a few, a pre-licensing course is required in that state. The Adjuster School Of America has Exam preparation material that will help individual A's state exam, our course material are all self paced study material with comprehensive exam samples.   The Florida and Texas license is Reciprocal with the following states:

1. Alabama

2. Alaska

3. Arkansas

4. Connecticut

5. Delaware

6. Florida

7. Georgia

8. Idaho

9. Indiana

10. Kentucky

11. Louisiana

12. Maine

13. Massachusetts

14. Michigan

15. Minnesota

16. Mississippi

17. Montana

18. Nevada

19. New Hampshire

20. New Mexico



21. North Carolina

22. Oklahoma

23. Oregon

24. Rhode Island

25. South Carolina

26. Utah

27. Vermont

28. Washington

29. West Virginia

30. Wyoming


Non reciprocal States

State of New York and the State of Hawaii are non-reciprocal states with other licensing states.  Meaning if you want to obtain an adjuster license from New York or Hawai individual has to meet the state licensing requirements.


Requirements to obtain adjuster license in State of New York

Let’s just say you took the exam and you passed. Congrats! Now, it’s time to tackle The NY Adjuster License Application. You will need to:

  1. Submit fees with applications. Licensing fee: $100 for the first year, $50 for the second. Fingerprinting fee: $87

  2. You will need 5 Certificates of Character. This is a section on the application where you will have someone sign that they have known you for at least 5 years and you are a person of good character.

  3. You will need a $1000 bond to cover the licensing period. The cost of this bond for the year typically runs less than $100. You can even get it online from services like It’s a pretty quick process.

  4. The last bit, other than actually writing in your information on the application, is you will need to get fingerprinting done. You have to complete the NY Dept of Financial Services fingerprinting procedure.


Finally Getting The License

You passed the exam, went through all the application hoops, and now finally have a NY Adjuster license. You are an adjuster unicorn and the clouds have parted above you and started raining down champagne. Just don’t forget to renew every 2 years.


Great News is TASOA Offers rigorous Real-time live online courses and in dept practice exams materials to help licensee pas their New York licensing exams!!! we have a great track record of our students perform really well on their first try.   

Requirements to obtain adjuster license in State of Hawaii

There is no reciprocity for adjusters. All individuals – residents and nonresidents – are required to successfully pass the Hawaii Insurance License Exam.

After the above has been completed, submit a paper application.

A complete paper application includes:

  1. Form HPL – Hawaii Application for Individual Insurance License. Submit one with the original signature.

  2. Original passing score report(s) of the Hawaii Insurance Licensing Exam(s). [1]

  3. Licensing Fees. Make check payable to DEPARTMENT OF COMMERCE AND CONSUMER AFFAIRS.

  4. For public adjuster: Submit a copy of the filed surety bond in the amount of $10,000, as required. Refer to Hawaii Revised Statutes §431:9-223. 1 Exam scores expire after two years.


Great News is TASOA Offers rigorous self-paced online courses and in dept practice exams materials to help licensee pass their Hawaii licensing exams!!! we have a great track record of our students perform really well on their first try. 

Pass your Adjuster State licensing exam on your 1st try ? Give Us a Call Now!
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